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Our Father's Table Workshop
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Our Father's Table workshops were created to inform members of the community and local businesses on everything there is to know about homelessness. Our workshops are offered several times a year. Follow us on eventbrite for the current schedule of workshops and to be notified of new dates.

To inquire about a private workshops for your group, please email us.

Our Father's Table Homelessness 101 Workshop

Homelessness 101: 
The Unfiltered Truth - Navigating the 
Complex Homeless System

We have updated and revised this informative workshop to include the reasons why homelessness is growing at an exponential rate even though there is historical funding for homeless programs and housing being spent. We will dive into the reasons why the latest permanent supportive housing programs are not making a dent in the homeless problem and why some say they are the reason for the problem and not the solution. We will look at some of the latest studies, by the top experts in the field of homelessness, that demonstrate the current problems in the system.

Our Chonic Homeless: Understanding & Interacting with Dignity & Respect

Join us to learn all about chronic homelessness. Did you know that over half of our Orange County folks experiencing homelessness are chronically homeless? Why is chronic homelessness different from homelessness? This two & half hour workshop focuses on those experiencing chronic homelessness, specifically on substance use abuse and alcoholism. We take a deep dive into the background that is found to be the common thread for the majority that are chronically homeless. We look at the psychology and representative characteristics with an empathetic eye.

"Excellent presenation!  Learning about the psychology of chronic homeless really was an eye opener! Extremely valuable!" 


Our Father's Table Chronic Homelessness Workshop
Our Father's Table Mental Illness Workshop

Homelessness & Mental Illness

This workshop will cover the common myths perpetuated about mentally ill homeless and guidelines for how to respectfully fully communicate with them. You will walk away with a general understanding of schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder, common treatments, and what constitutes a crisis and who to call. We will cover the history of deinstitutionalization, why it failed and how deinstitutionalization has created the current crisis for those suffering from mental illness who fall into homelessness. Resources and process to receive treatment will be discussed.

"WOW! I was blown away! You really demystified mentally ill homeless and how to approach them! I now understand the different types of mental illness homeless deal with. Thank you!"  


The Brief Encounter: How to Make A Difference in 5 Minutes

"I met this homeless guy and he was asking for help, he wanted a job. I didn't know what to do! What can I do?"

This workshop was created in response to the numerous times we have been asked that very question. You will learn how to make a differency in life of someone experiencing homelessness that you meet while going about your day. during your daily routine.


We will explore immediate resources available in your area and the procedures to use them. Most importantly, you will learn how to make a true difference and put them on the pathway home. You will have the opportunity to practice these skills in class. 

"Thank you! I have always felt helpless when I talk with homeless, but now I feel I can really help them even if I meet them only once!" 


Our Father's Table Making A Difference Workshop
Our Father's Table Your Business & Homelessness Workshop

Homelessness & Your Place of Business

If you're wondering how to interact with those experiencing homelessness in front of your business, then this is the workshop for you!


Attend this three-hour workshop to learn essential skills and resources available to you to manage the homeless congregating at your business.  

"Great workshop! Learning how to deal with the homeless at my store makes me feel better equiped.  Thanks for tools and resources that I didn't know about! Every business owner dealing with homeless issues should take your workshop!"


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