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Our Father's Table Alumni Joselyn


OFT and Gina are my mentor. She listened without judgement or revulsion. She responded by giving me hope and presented me with options. Options to freely choose to leave or take them without feeling pressured that she would give up on me for not responding the way she prayed I would. The safety and loving security had been vital to me when I was homeless. I am sober now with a job, car and apartment. She still remains my mentor. Thank you Gina and Our Father's Table for never giving up on me.


You saved my life! I am truly blessed and grateful to God and you. I am not homeless anymore and I don't plan to ever again. I married my soul mate and life is great! I can't thank you enough for being a true friend.

Our Father's Table Alumni Kevin
Our Father's Table Alumni Marsha


My Care Navigator saved my life! Plain and simple, you saved my life! You guys have something that not just saved my life but can save other people's lives. OFT loved me and cared about me and Hayden, my son, even when I didn't – and you never turned your back on us, NEVER! I knew in my heart I could trust you. I don't know where me and my son would be if you hadn't found us!


My life has turned around 180 degrees. I was a homeless alcoholic for quite a few years. I am clean and sober, have a roof over my head and a job since April 2015. I have been able to go overseas and visit my wife, whom I haven't seen in years. I am going again in February. None of  this would have been possible without my friend at Our Father's Table. Life is good!

Our Father's Table Alumni Doug
Our Father's Table Alumni Alani


Before OFT, I wasn't sure where I would be sleeping or where my next meal was going to come from. I was always worried about being safe. After working with OFT, I have gone from homeless, to having a job, and just recently renewed my lease for ANOTHER 12 months. I am in college and have been asked to join the honor society. I know without a doubt that none of that would have been possible without your help!


Thank you, you helped me change my life, my whole way of thinking. I am so grateful for all of ya'll. I hope I'll be able to give back somehow as soon as possible. I know you will always be there for me.

Our Father's Table Alumni Christian
Our Father's Table Alumni Robin


You found me and treated me as an equal. You never gave up on me even when I gave upon myself. You saved me. I have my own apartment and a job now. That's because you believed in me. I owe my life to you! Thank you!


Not only did you rescue me, you saved my daughter. She was born into a stable and happy home. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't found me, pregnant, and living on the streets. You were there when she was born and held her. I know you will always be there for her and us.

Our Father's Table Alumni Newborn Baby
Our Father's Table Alumni Nancy


Our Father's Table gave me my life back! They are my friend as well as a resource. OFT made me believe there's never a mountain too high that you can't see the sunshine!

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