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The programs and services available through Our Father’s Table (OFT) are as varied as the unique needs of each of Our Homeless Brothers and Sisters.  Drawing from our tool chest of experience, we can provide the devices and opportunities they need to begin once again, to help themselves.  We walk at the side of each and every one of our homeless as they weave through the process of getting their lives back on track; believing that once their core is mended, self-esteem, worth and dignity again fall into place.  We gain their trust, become their friends and do not judge them.  We remind them of their own worth, of God’s unfailing love and of our personal care for them. OFT believes in applying a permanent cure rather than a band-aid for each homeless desiring our help.  OFT attacks the root of an individual’s problems and the reasons poor life decisions were made, so to empower them to again become a whole person.  We pray with them; we pray for them, and we encourage them to lean on their faith and the unconditional love of Christ.

Street Outreach and Advocacy

OFT’s  Street Outreach program provides a “Hand Up, Not A Hand Out” to all Homeless Brothers and Sisters living within our communities.  Our Street Outreach Ministry Angels are the bridge between homeless men, women and children and local homeless assistance agencies.  We literally “hit the streets” scouring underpasses and alleyways to find and assist the Homeless.  Over time, after a connection is made and a relationship formed, we assess their situation and unique individual needs to match them with the offerings of local assistance agencies.  We care about them and their well-being; we are the friends who will pray with them and for them.  They are loved by God, and so by us.


OFT connects with a wide and varied assortment of local agencies: temporary shelters, transitional housing, housing counseling, job skill programs, lifeline cell phone, food banks, showers, hot meals, medical care, veterans assistance, mental health care, alcohol and drug treatment programs, legal aid, the list goes on (and on)!  We make the initial phone calls because accuracy is expediency.  We accompany and encourage them throughout this process so that they have the correct tools and opportunities to help themselves effectively.

KRIS Ministry

Karing RN’s In Service, “KRIS”, brings medical care to our Homeless Brothers and Sisters on the streets.  KRIS’ licensed nurses provide physical assessments on the front lines to help our vulnerable homeless attain the medical care they need.  This ministry was founded in March, 2015 in honor of our Homeless Sister, Kris, who passed away the previous winter on the streets of San Juan Capistrano, CA.  In honor of Kris and others we have lost since her passing, we come together to put an end to senseless deaths on the street.

Navigation of legal and medical systems

Legal and medical services are often puzzling at best and particularly challenging for the Homeless.  OFT can connect with the various free legal services in the area which give the Homeless an opportunity to speak with an attorney for advice or representation, regardless of their situation.  OFT makes the appointment and can provide transportation.  We will sit with them while they wait and even assist them to sign-up for state healthcare or dental and vision services.  In some cases we connect them directly to the medical or dental service provider.

Mental health counseling

The Homeless with mental conditions provide unique challenges and require a different approach.  Mental health assessments are provided for those needing specific attention.  We may arrange for an on-site street evaluation assessment team or connect with mental health counselors, doctors or case workers for further assistance or stabilization.  Local “life skills” classes can be provided.


Our Father’s Table can provide transportation to and from medical appointments, to county and state offices to acquire certificates and legal documents, to treatment centers, to Stand Down for Homeless Veterans, etc.  Depending on the individual’s situation we do appreciate reciprocation, expecting them to put forth a minimum of effort or ingenuity to attain basic requirements.


Having a permanent address is crucial whether or not you are homeless.  We provide a PO Box for our transitioning homeless in order to become re-established in the community, county and state.  A permanent address is needed to obtain most services offered by homeless assistance agencies and state agencies.





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In loving memory of Robert Evelio Seriel

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