Giving a hand up, not a hand out changes everything.

The Mission of Our Father’s Table is to walk alongside our brothers and sisters experiencing homelessness and help them find restoration.

1 in ___ people in Orange County are experiencing homelessness. We are on a mission to change that. Here’s how.

We stay connected with every person and  continue to provide a lifeline for all even after they are lifted off the streets.
There are over 200 agencies in Orange County with services available to the homeless. We help our homeless brothers and sisters navigate this complex network.
We invest in people. We invest in building bridges between our homeless and homeless service agencies by insuring best matching and supportive decision making. We do not reinvent the wheel.

Privately funded to maintain our Christian values and to ensure we are the modern day example of the good samaritan parable. John 10:25-37. Our funding comes from grants, foundations and individuals like you.

“With your help we have lifted ____ off the streets with a 95% success rate.


Change a Life

In Honor of Gina’s Father Robert Evelio Seriel

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Matthew 11:28 (Written out)

24-Hour Hotline - 949-324-0908

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